Regional development through medical innovation and cutting-edge research

REMEDIS is a consortium of scientists specialized in a variety of disciplines. Among its members are a number of renowned industrial partners. The consortium members work together on innovative implants for application in the cardiovascular field, as well as in the eye and in the ear. Through its efforts to integrate local drug release systems into the functionality of implants, REMEDIS provides top level research in these fields.

The medical and economic future of the health sector is going to be substantially influenced by the development of medical engineering. The joint efforts of doctors, scientists and engineers in the development of medical devices and systems are opening up ever greater opportunities in diagnostics and therapy. Beyond their effects in elevating therapeutic success, innovative implants will also make a major contribution to improvements in the quality of patient lifes.

Building on excellent basic research in the area of biomedical engineering, REMEDIS focusses on applied research on the development of implants with major potential for market penetration.

The partners participating in the REMEDIS consortium are dedicated to the goal of developing minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of not already satisfactorily treatable medical conditions through engaging in basic and applied research. The consortium's focus is centered around the creation of implants providing controlled, local release of active substances. Such devices will include stents and stimulation electrodes for the cardiovascular system, as well as glaucoma stents and intraocular lenses for the eye and also auditory tube stents.

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Prof. Dr. med. habil. Rudolf Guthoff
(0381) 54345 500

Chairman of the Board:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Klaus-Peter Schmitz
(0381) 54345 600