The RESPONSE research is focused on the improved care of multiply morbide patients and the improvement of quality of life of the elderly. To achieve this aim, relevant stakeholders from academica and economy are cooperating more intensively. Different scientific fields, such as medicine, the engineering and natural sciences, demography, patient care research, as well as health economy, are represented in the consortium RESPONSE. Clinically relevant therapies based on innovative implants are aspired in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, cataract and glaucoma treatment, as well as amblyacousia and deafness. RESPONSE develops dedicated implant concepts, considering the respective target tissues with implant-specific responses to cellular processes in the implant proximity. Also, efforts are made to increase implant life time, as well as to facilitate repeated interventions and implant replacements. This also includes the expansion of minimally invasive techniques to novel implant applications. The inductry partners participating in RESPONSE are thereby enabled to enhance their positions in market and competition. Thus, RESPONSE contributes to the solution of economically and socially important problems and leads to economic growth, particularly in the New German Länder.

The consortium RESPONSE – Partnership for Innovation in Implant Technology,  under the leadership of the Institute for Biomedical Engineering, coordinates one of ten excellent research consortia, which are supported by the German Federal Ministery for Education and Research until 2022 with a total of 500 million Euro.  RESPONSE will be funded with a maximum of 45 million Euro for its participating scientific and industrial partners.

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