Flow cytometer MACSQuant 10

The MACSQuant® Analyzer 10 from Miltenyi Biotec enables the quantitative measurement and molecular characterisation of cells based on scattered light and fluorescence characteristics. The hydrodynamic transport of cells and the equipment with three lasers and 10 optical channels allows the evaluation of a variety of different markers and assays for phenotypic and functional analysis with fluorescent antibodies.

The system is already used or planned for the following applications:

  • - Measurement of the expression of various cell surface and intracellular molecules
  • - Live-dead analysis of cells
  • - Assessment of cell apoptosis/necrosis
  • - Cell cycle analyses
  • - Analysis of inflammation markers
  • - Characterization and definition of different cell types in heterogeneous cell populations
  • - Assessment of purity of isolated subpopulations
  • - Analysis of cell size and volume
  • - simultaneous multi-parameter analysis of single cells
  • - Analysis of cell proliferation, enzyme activity and DNA synthesis